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Buttock Prosthesis

We have created custom prostheses to replace areas of the buttock and the prosthesis stays in position with normal undergarments or tight fitting clothing.
All custom-made body prostheses are designed using a copy of the  patient’s anatomy.

​To create a comfortable fitting prosthesis, a 3D prototype or test model is created and used to test the shape, size and fit of the prosthesis model on the client before the final prosthesis is made.
 Our design process which guarantees a successful prosthetic restoration.

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Supporting the Skeleton

Woman seated and under dress she is usin

The prosthesis enables the user to sit comfortably. It  keeps the pelvis in alignment and prevent problems from developing in the spine.

Soft Tissue Filler

New Attitude close up anatomy of post su

We designed the prosthesis to fit into place and replace the missing soft tissue. (The gluteus maximus muscle was removed.)

Restoring Appearance

Woman seen from the back in jeans who ha

The prosthesis stays in position with normal shape wear undergarments or tight fitting clothing.

Buttock: What We Do

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