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Shoulder Prosthesis

Restoring The Body With Soft Tissue Silicone Prostheses

New Attitude works with people who have shoulder defect that is a result of surgery for a chondro sarcoma. 

 Creating this type of prosthesis is a multi step process starting with a scanned copy of the anatomy, focusing on the area where the prosthesis is placed. We create a design prototype to test on pour client and modify it to create a functional fit. The prosthesis is fabricated with our specialized silicones materials and the prosthesis will move with the body and stay comfortably stay in place with light pressure from regular fitting clothing.

Shoulder: Services

Scanning the Body

 New Attitude started with a scanned copy of the anatomy, focusing on  the area where the prosthesis is placed. Our client featured here had a left shoulder defect that was a result of surgery for a left shoulder chondro sarcoma. 

New Attitude scan of man  missing left s
Shoulder: What We Do
Screen shot of modeling a shoulder prost
New Attitude screen shot back of patient

Design Concept

Initial work is with a digital model to study it from all sides and plan the prosthesis

Design Analysis

We study asymmetries and create a design that will restore the appearance

Shoulder: What We Do
New Attitude  screen shot of digital dev
Photograph of back of patient with silic

Developing a Prototype

A digital model is created of the prosthesis using 3D modeling programs.

Testing the Design

The prosthesis is designed to have edges that look like anatomical landmarks.

Shoulder: What We Do
New Attitude digital rendering of should
New Attitude completed silicone shoulder

Completing the Model

Prosthesis design is 3D printed and  tested on the patient and modifications made.

Hand Crafted Prosthesis

When the design is completed the prosthesis is fabricated in our silicones.

Shoulder: What We Do

Completed Restorative Body Prosthesis

Completed left side shoulder prosthesis in place on patient. The prosthesis will comfortably stay in place and move with the body using regular form fitting shirts and athletic wear.

Shoulder: What We Do

Do you have any questions? Call us and let us help.

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