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Our Process

Creating the Best Custom Body Prostheses

Many insurance companies cover the cost of a restorative  body prosthesis from New Attitude. We have the experience to guide clients through the process of obtaining an approval of coverage from insurers.


Online or in Person

During the initial consultation, we make an assessment of the type of prosthesis that is required and can provide a treatment plan and answer any questions. We discuss insurance coverage and answer questions regarding financing.  We help by overseeing the supporting documentation from the referring physician and we guide clients through the process of obtaining an approval from their insurance.

Initial Appointment for Body Replica

1st Patient Clinical Visit

The first step in designing a custom-made prosthesis is obtaining an accurate model of the patient's anatomy in the area where the prosthesis will be placed. This body replica is used to create the back-fitting surface of the custom-made prosthesis.

There are a number of different ways to obtain a copy of the patient's body. We may use a soft rubber material applied to the skin to give us an accurate 3D model. In some cases, we may use a 3D scanner to create a digital model of the patient's model. Different types of prostheses benefit from using different ways of making a copy of the anatomy.

Creating the Prosthesis Design

2nd Patient Clinical Visit

The custom-made prosthesis is designed by first creating a prototype or test model. We test the prosthesis model on the body while it is being designed and make changes to the size, shape, and fit of the prosthesis prototype with the patient present. This enables us to test the comfort, fit, and appearance of the final prosthesis before the final version is fabricated. Our materials are color-matched to the patient's skin. For patients from out of town, the appointments for the body replica and the design can be completed on consecutive days, so only one trip (of 2-3 days)  is required.

Fabrication of the Prosthesis

No Visit Required

After the patient visits, the prosthesis prototype is molded, and the final version of the prosthesis is fabricated in medical-grade silicones. All the information required to create a  prosthesis was obtained during the design appointments and no more clinical visits are needed at this stage.


In Person or By Courier

Patients who are local can receive the completed prosthesis by visiting us for a final appointment.  Out-of-town clients can receive the prosthesis delivered by courier.  During the design appointments, we spend time discussing how to care for the prosthesis and provide personalized instructions for daily care are included when the final prosthesis is delivered. 

Do you have any questions? Contact us for a free consultation and we will be pleased to help.

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