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The Story of New Attitude

New Attitude was founded by Irene Healey, a visual artist and a trained medical artist. Ms Healey has over 25 years of experience working directly with patients to develop different types of unique custom-made prostheses and she has an expertise that is not found elsewhere.

Ms. Healey combines her skills as an artist with her knowledge of the field of medical prosthetics and her interest in new technologies to invent various types of prostheses. Many of the prostheses we provide to patients can only be found at New Attitude.

Ms. Healey is an invited speaker at conferences speaking about the application of 3D scanning and new manufacturing processes such as 3D printing in the design and creation of prosthetics.

Ms. Healey continues to research and develop new products in the field of medical prosthetics. She also maintains a clinical practice and enjoys working with patients and having the opportunity to create  unique and restorative devices for clients.

Ms. Healey chose the name New Attitude to highlight her commitment to a new way of thinking about body prostheses. She is committed to developing new types of prostheses that are the best possible design and use the latest materials. Today, she works with her staff to provide an alternative for those who cannot have or choose not to have surgical reconstruction.

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