Shoulder Prosthesis

The  client below presented with a shoulder defect that was a result of surgery for a left shoulder chondrosarcoma.  New Attitude started with a scanned copy of the anatomy, focusing on  the area where the prosthesis is placed.


A test 3D print of a prototype was created and tested on the patient to test it with movement of the arm and assess the prosthesis appearance when in place and beneath clothing.


The New Attitude designs  and creates  custom prosthesis  for patients with specialized  proprietary materials that we  developed working with material specialists.  The prostheses move with the body and comfortably stay in place with light pressure from regular tight fitting clothing.

Case study of left shoulder prosthesis after surgery for a chondro sarcomea

Step 1 New Attitude produces a digital scan of patient anatomy after surgery. 

Step 2 A digital model is created of the prosthesis using 3D modelling programs. (side view) 

Step 3  The soft lightweight custom prosthesis is fabricated from the digital model after  a physical 3D printed test model is tested on the patient for adjustments. (top view)

Completed left side shoulder prosthesis in place on patient. The prosthesis stays in place with regular tight fitting athletic wear.