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Restorative Soft Tissue Body Prostheses

Creative Prosthetic Designs That Restore The Body

About Us

New Attitude creates realistic and functional external body prostheses that restore soft tissue deficits after surgery for a sarcoma diagnosis.

This type of cancer can occur in both men and women and also children. Many areas of the body parts can be affected and we provide solutions that are unique to each person we see. We also see people who require a prosthetic restoration due to having had an accident or have a congenital malformation, hypoplasia or scoliosis. A phone call with us will help us determine what we can do for you. 

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About Us

New Attitude was founded by Irene Healey a medical artist and Certified Clinical Anaplastologist who has over twenty years of experience creating silicone facial and body prostheses. We have the experience and skills to meet the challenges posed by any type of soft tissue body prosthesis.


We provide prosthetic solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. We welcome discussing our solutions with anyone who requires a prosthetic restoration. Call us to find out more about our services and we are pleased to help any way we can.

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The work New Attitude does is exciting, Ms. Healey is possibly the most intelligent, caring and compassionate professional I have met in my years working to communicate vital healthcare issues. Spread the word.

Corby Luke, Enginears Inc., Toronto

An exceptional woman and Artist. The time with her as she created Prosthetics for me were exciting and healing. I was transformed. Irene has a calm quiet caring way and goes to great lengths to ensure an exceptional outcome.

 JL, Toronto 

Gratitude doesn't even reach the depth and breadth of how your kindness reached me.

JK, Toronto, Canada

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